Change Your F*ckin Life

Turn off your internet, read a couple of these quotes and get the f*ck to work.

In 2014 I began to change my life. I started working towards becoming a minimalist and haven’t looked back. I want you to become a minimalist too because I want all the wonderful things that have happened to me, to happen to you to! I want others to take this journey too as I always hear people saying they wish they had more time to travel or more money and sit next to a stack of 100 or more dvds, 2 tvs, a laptop, a tablet, a bunch of toys etc, that could be a nice little start to an awesome vacation. Don’t be that person. Now is the time to declutter your home, gain your time back, make more money, travel and have more fun. Get ready to start your permanent vacation!

In addition if you’re still swimming in debt or with bad credit, Brandon Weaver, can help you repair your credit since he did it for himself and took us on a FREE trip to Tokyo & Hawaii in March 2015. And then another free trip to England, Amsterdam and France in May 2016. He has the DIY book shown above and then also another site where he will fix your credit for you. He has learned quite a bit about Travel Hacking so check out that book if you want to learn a bit more about that too!

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