I’ve been VEGAN since February 7th, 2016. After tons of research and the insane positive result changing my diet has had on my allergies and energy (I feel like I’m 19 again!) and then watching the film Racing Extinction (that tipped me right over the edge to go vegetarian) and then watching the trailer, yes just the trailer for Earthlings (2005) I decided Fuck that I can’t be a part of that I am going to be vegan and inspire others to do so as well.

I’m going to start posting here some resources I’ve found useful and informative on the subject to help you make a choice or even be less ignorant on the subject. I feel like I grew up and never questioned the things  put on me. Now I wish I had questioned more sooner. Becoming a minimalist has truly changed my life and allowed me the time to make fuller more well thought out and informed decisions about how I want to live my life. I feel like I am really getting to choose, an amazing sort of freedom I’ve never ever felt until now.

The link to the trailer for EARTHLINGS which came out in 2005! Yes 11 years ago and it’s been such a secret… I cannot believe I did not hear about this sooner.


This is part of my Going Vegan Youtube Playlist:

I’m a Meat Eater – I don’t give a shit, I want to keep eating meat because Cavemen did it, it tastes delicious and I’m a carnivore. Then why  are you even here? You seem to think that because you care about animals, maybe you’ve missed something, or what do I know that you don’t, because you obviously know everything. I dare you to read through this entire article, I’m pretty sure it will address every concern you have about being vegan:

Eating Animals: Addressing Our Most Common Justifications

Educate Yourself on Veganism:

Racing Extinction:
Gary Yourofsky Speech:…
James Aspey:
What’s Wrong With Eggs?:…
Lose Your Appetite for Meat:…

Being a Vegetarian is not good enough, read up on how, if you’re buying or eating cheese you’re basically paying someone to rape animals for you so you can eat milk that’s not your own.…

There are thousands more resources out there, this is just to get you started. Keep researching, keep questioning, start actually making your own decisions instead of ones advertisers have deemed are the only ones you should be making. Here’s some great vegan youtuber’s to follow as well:

Gary Yourofsky

Mic The Vegan

Fully Raw Kristina

The Vegan Activist

Erin Janus

James Aspey


Henya Mania


Vegan Gains

Raw Alignment

Kate Flowers

Bite Size Vegan

Jon Venus

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