My obsession with minimalism started when I discovered tiny houses and dreamed of having one. At the start of this whole thing I had so much stuff, I was in so much debt, I was so stressed, I was miserable and I was unhappy. Seeing people with less stuff was inspiring. I wanted to be one of those people who were strong enough to have almost nothing. I ended up in a financial pit and had to go bankrupt. (I never missed a payment though, I filed as soon I as I was not going to be able to pay, quite proud of that, despite the fact it didn’t matter anyway. The bankruptcy destroyed my credit score and ruined my 11 years of great credit in a matter of weeks.) I was sad. I had worked so hard to keep myself in good standing and I had ruined it all, what was the point in stressing in never missing a payment all those years when it all went away when I was having a hard time.

The stuff I still had stared at me everyday as a slap in the face, I had all this stuff, ruined my credit and I wanted a different life. I started watching more tiny house videos, then when I ran out of those I scoured all over youtube for minimalism videos and got inspired. My life needed to change. I wanted to travel, I hadn’t yet been out of the country and now I had no credit to do so. At this same time, Brandon learned about credit hacking and was able to get us enough frequent flyer miles from sign up bonuses to go roundtrip to japan and hawaii. I was so excited, but we didn’t have any money to spend when there or pay for the boarding for our dog if we left for the 8 days we were planning.

I started selling things on craigslist and putting it in a “japan” savings account. By the end of the year we had $1500 and I had way less stuff. We went to Tokyo and it blew my mind. We stayed in Manga cafes some of the nights and it was one of my most favorite places I’ve ever stayed because it was so damn efficient and it gave me a taste of that tiny home I’d been wanting so bad. I was hooked. We came back and I continued to downsize for a couple more years until today and now I own a backpack and maybe a large duffel bags worth of stuff that I’d take with me if I were to move. I have almost no stress in my life, cleaning the house is so much easier, dishes are cake, laundry can be done in single load and that counts bedding stuff as well and best of all, I’m happy. Minimalism changed me. Minimalism made me the person I always wanted to be. Minimalism gave me almost everything I’ve ever wanted and has opened a whole new world of dreams and hopes for me. I even wrote a book about it, check it out if you want, because I Want You To Be A Minimalist Too.

We would ultimately love to downsize to a completely paid off tiny house, almost all off grid, solar power, etc, (we’re already both debt free!) (I’ve already been able to create a taste of this dream with my off grid camper van build) be able to make our micro budget feature films and travel the world and help to change the world for people who don’t even have a basic standard of living. That’s some of my dreams, but I have room for more.

Here are some of the minimalism videos I’ve made to get you inspired:



Keep checking back for updates on my tiny house and minimalism updates!



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