2016 Resolution – Watch 365 Movies – Did I do it?

I did set out a goal to watch 365 movies in 2016, and even though I may  have forgotten to write down a few, I unfortunately did not make it. I was just too busy this year building the camper van, traveling and moving to Hawaii to do so. That’s not an excuse, I just didn’t commit to it, not that it really matters in the end. It was just supposed to be fun. And for the most part I enjoyed a majority of the 180 movies I actually did watch. I did watch through a ton of tv shows, but since those technially aren’t movies, i may have used up a bunch of time doing that instead. What can I say, I love entertainment?!

Movies watched 2016

1. The Lobster 5/10
2. Knight of Cups (2015) – 4/10
3. Just Wait til its free – Documentary – 6/10
4. Suffragette (2015) – 7/10
5. Legend (2015) – 6/10
6. Plush (2013) – 8/10
7. Summer in February (2013) – 4/10
8. Pan (2015) – 5/10
9. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (2013) – 5/10
10. Mojave (2015) – 4/10
11. Taylor Swift – 1989 World Tour – 9/10
12. The Throwaways (2015)- 3/10
13. Comet (2014) – 8/10
14. Sisters (2015) – 5/10
15. Making a Murderer – 9/10
16. Adore (2013) – 5/10
17. jem (2015) – 2/10
18. The Leisure Class – 2/10
19. Mammoth (2009) – 7/10
20. The Benefactor(2015) – 5/10
21. Racing Extinction (2015) – 10/10
22. Lamb (2015) – 6.5/10
23. A Perfect Day (2016) – 5/10
24. Felix et Meira (2014) – 6/10
25. American Hero (2015) – 5.5/10
26. Hitting the Apex (2015) – 8/10
27. Intruders (2015) – 7.5/10
28. Freeheld (2015) – 6.5/10
29. The Boy (2016) 10/10
30. Trumbo – 3/10
31. All Things Must Pass The Rise and Fall
of Tower Records (2015) – 7/10
32. In the Heart of the Sea (2015) – 4/10
33. We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) – 6/10
34. Fish Tank (2009) – 6/10
35. Love the Coopers (2015) – 6.5/10

36. Life in a day (2009) – 5/10
37. The Hateful Eight – 5/10
38. Cairo Time (2009) – 5.5/10
39. All Roads Lead To Rome (2016) – 6.8/10
40. Prescription Thugs (2015) – 9/10
41. The Choice is Ours (2015) – 7/10
42. Beasts of No Nation – 7.5/10
43. Wer (2013) – 6.5/10
44. Fed Up – 8/10
45. Backtrack (2015) – 4/10
46. A Film About Coffee – 6/10
47. Dear Zachary A Letter (2008) – 9/10
48. The Witch (2015) – 6/10/1
49. The Other Side of The Door 6/10
50. The Hunger Games MockingJay Part 2 3/10
51. Hello My Name is Doris 10/10
52. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 7.5/10
53. A Country Called Home 6/10
54. Get A Job (2016) 5/10
55. The Wave (2015) Norwegian – 8.5/10
56. The Night Before (2015) – 6/10
57. Daddy’s Home (2015) – 5/10
58. The Emperor’s New Clothes (2015) – 10/10
59. The Invitation (2015) – 10/10
60. Green Room (2016) – 10/10
61. End of Watch (2012) – 8/10
62. The Conjuring 2 – 10/10
63. Triple 9 – 8/10
64. PopStar – 9/10
65. Urge – 6.5/10
66. Swiss Army Man 10/10
67. The Diary of A Teenage Girl 7.5/10
68. Demolition (2015) – 6/10
69. How to let go of the world and love all the things climate can’t change – 9/10
70. Deadpool 6/10
71. I’ll See You In My Dreams – 7/10
72. Words and Pictures – 5/10
73. Good Kids – 5/10
74. Shallow Hal
75. Into the Forest – 9/10
76 Chocolat
77. Here On Earth
78. Take Me Home – 5/10
79. The Wedding Singer
80. The Switch
81. Adventureland
82. Inside the Garbage
83. The Big Lie: American Addict 2
84. In Lieu of Flowers – 4/10
85. Into The Forest – 9/10
86. Tallulah – 8/10
87. Automata – 6.5/10
88. Casper 1995
89. The Ones Below (2015) – 5/10
90. The Land (2016) – 4/10
91. Bridgend (2015) – 5/10
92. The Program – 7/10
93. The True Cost – 9/10
94. The Dressmaker – 5.5/10
95. The Lake House
96. Into The Blue
97. Whatever It Takes
98. 40 Days and 40 Nights
99. Wicker Park
100. Lights Out (2016) – 9/10
101. 27 Dresses
102. Notting Hill
103. Music and Lyrics
104. Eat Pray Love
105. Never Been Kissed
106. Kissing Jessica Stein
107. My Best Friend’s Wedding
108. Bridget Jones’ Diary
109. Imperium (2016) – 7/10
110. The Man Who Knew Infinity – 5/10
111. The Whole Truth – 7/10
112. The Man From Earth (2007) – 5/10
113. Now You See Me 2 (2016) – 7/10
114. Forces of Nature
115. Two Weeks Notice
116. How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
117. Fever Pitch
118. No Strings Attached
119. Don’t Breathe (2016) – 9/10
120. Friends With Benefits
121. Valentine’s Day
122. I Hate Valentine’s Day
123. Blood In The Water 4/10
124. The 5 year engagement
125. The Break Up
126. Wedding Crashers
127. Clockwork Orange County
128. Along Came Polly
129. The Truth About Cats And Dogs
130. The Secret Life Of Pets (2016) – 7/10
131. Summer Lovers (1982) – 6/10
132. Safe Haven
133. Hell or High Water (2016) – 8/10
134. Groundhog Day
135. The Meddler (2016) – 7.5/10
136. Sex and The City
137. Sex and the city 2
138. Hush – 5/10
139. Bridget Jones’ Baby – 7/10
140. Friend Request (2016) – 6/10
141. The Shallows (2016) – 7/10
142. Little Black Book
143. Hope Floats
144. Something’s Gotta Give
145. What Women Want
146. Blair Witch 2 (2016) – 9/10
147. Erin Brockovich
148. Deserted (2016) – 3/10
149. Audrie & Daisy
150. Alice Through The Looking Glass
151. Holy Hell 8
152. Housesitter (1992)
153. 9 to 5 (1980)
154. Star Trek Beyond (2016) – 6/10
155. Goat (2016) – 5/10
156. Deepwater Horizon (2016) – 9/10
157. The Girl On The Train (2016) – 7/10
158. Pay It Forward
159. Bad Moms (2016) – 6/10
160. Milk Money
161. Complete Unknown 4/10
162. Ouija: Origin of Evil – 8/10
163. American Beauty
164. Requiem For The American Dream – 10/10
165. Nerve (2016) 8.5/10
166. Morgan 2016 – 7.5/10
167. The Arrival 2016 – 10/10
168. Masterminds 2016 – 6/10
169. Frank & Lola – 6/10
170. War Dogs 2016 – 8/10
171. Sour Grapes – 8.5/10
172. Snowden (2016) – 8/10
173. David Brent Life on The Road
174. 10 Things I Hate About You
175. Drive Me Crazy
176. Mrs Perigrines school for peculiar children – 8/10
177. Collide (2016) – 5/10
178. Passengers (2016) – 10/10
179. The Santa Clause
180. Home Alone

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2015 Movies I Watched

A list of my most memorable things watched in 2015! I’ve missed a ton (I average a movie a day if not more but I forgot to keep adding to this as I watched things so… it is what it is. There are not reviews for everything unfortunately since there is just too many! And I’ve missed a hundred or so in just plain forgetting to add to the list during the year. Enjoy anyways!

1. Ask Me Anything – This was good. Definitely weird, but I enjoyed it as I knew nothing about it before I started it.

2. Wild (2014) – So good. This actually really inspired to do want to do a sort of lone hike like this, despite some of the awful things that happen, but because it’s like a nice reset on your brain. After I did Bonnaroo in 2014 I felt weird when I came home, like I had learned to live a whole new way. I don’t think I could ever do a 1,000 mile hike, but hell, we’ll have to see what happens.

3. Gone Girl – I saw this in the theater last year but wanted to watch it again. Honestly I wish I could erase my memory of ever watching it and watch it for the first time again because it’s so well crafted and mind blowing! Love that! Very impressively written. (I didn’t read the book though… oh well.)

4. The Outsiders (1983) – Never seen it and since I was reading Rob Lowe’s first book figured it was worth a watch. I didn’t really care for it. I could see all the adr they did and it was just very messy. Couldn’t get into it.

5. Jupiter Ascending – You can read my review on it here: http://veganfuckyeah.com/2015/02/jupiter-ascending-was-good/

6. 12 O’Clock Boys – Since I got a motorcycle recently I’ve been trying to learn more about them and the culture. Granted this is a much more extreme different situation than I’ll find myself in, but it’s interesting. This was definitely more about issues in Baltimore than bikes though. I had serious problems that the kid in it that they follow was so into becoming one of them and didn’t really realize what he was actually working towards getting into. Very sad.

7. 50 Shades of Grey – Come on. I had to… opening night… But it wasn’t worth it. I didn’t care for the movie. I really wanted to like it, I did, it was just SO BAD.

8. Faster (2003) – Another of the motorcycle series I’m watching. This was really fascinating!  Absolutely amazing what people are willing to do to win a race and actually very surprising that only 1 person since the 60’s has died. Almost proof that Motorcycles are safer than cars because there has been way more deaths in NASCAR and the sort. Kind of shocking. I really liked this, definitely recommend it.

9. Fastest (2011) – Nice follow up to Faster. Really enjoyed this as well, but I think I like Faster better.

10. What We Do In The Shadows (2015) – Absolutely amazing. A perfect Mockumentary. I don’t want to say too much about this because it will just spoil it. I can’t even believe how good it was. I want to make movies like this!

11. Plant Pure Nation – great info.

12. Magic Mike XXL – SO GOOD.

13. HUMAN Volume 1 – Available free on Youtube! I highly urge you to watch any of the 3 volumes. They will change you, they will move you, they will make you think differently.

14. Human Volume 2 – great.

15. Human Volume 3 – wonderful.

16. Billions In Change – This will also change you if you have a heart. I love what this billionaire is doing. It’s something I’ve dreamt of doing my whole life. It makes me so happy that there is someone out there with that kind of money giving 99% of it away to help others. Such an amazing person.

17. We the Tiny House People – I can’t wait to get my own tiny house…

18.  Trainwreck – Amy Schumer nails it.  10 thumbs up.

19. We Are Your Friends – Highly underrated. For me and my boyfriend, this one was a life changer. I love the message in this and wish it had come out when I was a teenager and was looking for something exactly like this to guide me.

20. The Martian – It was good and interesting but too unbelievable for me. I dunno.

21. Southpaw – So good, can’t believe how long this was shopped around for before it finally got made.

22.  The End of the Tour – Heartwrenching and uncomfortable.

23.  Sicario – Brilliant. Intense. Amazing Cinematography. Shocking. Not a movie I’d typically be interested in but I thought it was so well done and so interesting.

24. Brand: A Second Coming – I’ve always loved Russell Brand and this made me like him more. Inspiring.

25. Everest (2015) – Good. Liked it. Sad.

26.  Chappie – Adore this. If you know me, you know I’m a Die Hard Die Antwoord fan. Fok yeah!

27. Fast and Furious 7 – Saw this for my birthday. Heart wrenching and amazingly executed. Such a great addition to the series. R.I.P.

28.  It Follows – Best Horror that’s come out in a while. Really turned things on their head and so simple. Loved it.

29. Your Sister’s Sister – Great slice of life.

30. Mad Max Fury Road – Perfect Action Movie from start to finish. Other movies with that kind of budget have seriously been slacking on the writing if it can be this good and this action packed and different the whole way through.

31.  Dope (2015)– Had no idea what to expect from this . Thoroughly enjoyed it.

32.  The Boy Next Door – Ugh. Also surprised how much naked J Lo we got. So bizarre.

33. The Longest Ride – I liked it. Started awful then it got really good. Also loved the perfect ending. (you gotta know what you’re getting into).

34.  Harmontown – I liked the movie but I don’t think I like Dan Harmon. I’m sure he doesn’t care what I think anyways. ha ha

35.  The Overnight – So weird.

36.  Just Eat It: A food waste story – Good. We even went dumpster diving after this and found food. So crazy. It was way harder for us though, most of the dumpsters in LA are locked up!

37. We Are The Best! (swedish 2013) – Perfect punk rock movie for girls. This 100% summed up how I felt as a teenager. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

38. The Lucky One (2012) – Rewatched – Zac Efron. Hot Hot hot. Weird how big Taylor Schilling is now and when this came out I was like who is this lady? She’s so good though.

39. 17 Again – Zac Efron marathon.

40.  That Awkward Moment – The marathon continues… I really like this one.

41.  San Andreas – Enjoyed but probably wouldnt watch a second time.

42. Ex Machina – SOoo good. Can you tell I like movies??

43  The Spectacular Now – Good

44. The Fault In Their Stars – I cried, then made Brandon watch it too.

45. The Lifeguard (2013) – Okay. Weird.

46.  Singles (1992)  – My neighbor told me to watch this. I skipped some bits, some of it was great, some boring, ended so strangely.

47.  The Flamingo Kid (1984) – Also from my neighbor. I think she has a thing for a young Matt Dillon.   🙂

48. Weekender (2011) -eh

49. Man Up (2015) – So cute. Very funny. Loved it.

50. She’s Funny That Way – Funny concept, a little strange but okay.

51. Paper Towns – This is what happens when you go backwards in people’s work. Not nearly as good as The Fault in Their Stars. I liked parts a lot and some I hated. Mixed feelings.

52.  The Best Of Me – Ugh. This was a frustrating Nicholas Sparks one…

53. Life According to Sam – A tough one to get through but oh so good. If humans only worked together more, it would be amazing to see what we could achieve.

54.  Krampus (2015) – Great. Loved the ending.

55. Miss You Already (2015) – The movie was amazing. I cried so much. So touching. Beautifully done. And bonus, I met Catherine Hardwicke at the screening. I died inside…

56. The Perfect Guy (2015) – Meh. Far too predictable and completely unoriginal. We have seen this story a million times.

57. Tiny Furniture – So damn good.

58.  Tangerine (2015) – cool to see my neighboorhood in a movie. liked some of the new stuff they achieved with shooting, wish they had pushed it more.

59. Deep Web (2015) – thought it was boring.

60.  No Escape (2015) – So much better than I thought it was going to be and also had no idea what it was about before watching it. Very pleasantly surprised. One of the best scenes ever in it. Terrifying.

61.  Meru (2015) – So good. Definitely recommend. Gets a little slow in the middle.

62.  Mistress America (2015) – Something about this just really didst jive with me. Didn’t feel sincere. Something seemed off.

63.  The Green Inferno – My kind of movie! Thought the cannibalism was very well handled. Not as disgusting as I was anticipating it to be, very pleased.

64.  Knock Knock (2015) – Good, Keanu Reeves sounds too much like an old man though, that was just so distracting. Weird movie. I would have preferred a more surprising ending though.

65. The Intern (2015) – I enjoyed it. Wished the ending had been better though. Love the feel of a Nancy Myers movie. So heartwarming.

66. LA Slasher – meh. Liked what the LA slasher looked like though.

67. Carol (2015) – I enjoyed it. Very well done and shot. Acting was great.  I just thought the end wasn’t enough. I have issues with endings.. what can I say.

68.  The Girl in the Book (2015) – Skipped through a bunch of it. Didn’t care for it.

69.  The Big Short (2015) – Amazingly eye opening. Can’t even believe it! You need to see this!

70.  Brooklyn (2015) – Eh. I was disappointed that not much ended up happening. I kind of felt like “yeah, okay, so?” afterwards.

71. Bad Roomies – Ugh. Moved way too slow. Too many slow moments of no talking dragging it down. Felt like it was made by someone who has seen movies, but doesn’t understand how to edit them. Then it took a ridiculously stupid turn.

72.  Jackie and Ryan (2014) – eh, got boring.

73.  Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) – Started off good, then the scout stuff came in and it got boring.

74. American Ultra (2015)  – Okay. Weird, thin storyline though. Kinda how I thought it was going to be.

75.  Creed (2015) – Ugh. After seeing Southpaw this year, this movie just sucked. So slow and didn’t make enough sense as to why he would fight. Stupid. So disappointing.

76. Steve Jobs (2015) – There’s just too many Steve Jobs movies. I don’t know how much I buy into this one. It was alright but didn’t seem accurate, seemed biased in Steve’s favor.

77. Ronaldo (2015) – Interesting. Thought there might be more of a conflict, but interesting story about Christian Ronaldo.

78. The Danish Girl (2015) – Eddie’s characters acting seemed a bit over acted to me.

79. Spectre (2015) – Slow. Formulaic. Uninspired. Disappointing.

80. Finders Keepers (2015) – Okay, weird.

81. The Ridiculous 6 (2015) – Ugh. Awful. I can’t believe how many “names” are in this piece of crap.

82.  Pixels (2015) – This was okay. Weird and super gross with the qbert babies but pretty much what I expected. The end credits though, were absolutely incredible. Better than the movie!

83. A Walk In The Woods (2015) – Started off great, then Nick Nolte showed up and ruined it. ugh. A lot of weird sets, seems like it was made very cheap. I feel like it had such potential but got so lame so fast.

84. Irrational Man (2015) – I’m still waiting for Woody Allen to make something as shocking as it was when I watched Match Point way back when. His movies aren’t really bad, they’re more just blah.There was so much blah build up in this one and then it was so emotionally detached, that it was like if they don’t really care, why should I? I also wasn’t surprised at all, I felt like, get to it already.

85.  Burnt (2015) – Man the trailer they made for this did it such a disservice. I would have seen it in the theater if I knew this was actually how the movie was going to go. Much better than I had anticipated!

86. Home Alone – Watched Christmas eve.

87. The Holiday – Christmas marathon

88. Love Actually – Christmas Marathon

89. Christmas with the Kranks – Christmas Marathon.

90. Just Friends – Christmas Marathon, yes I consider this one a Christmas movie…


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New #painting! Out of some old scrap paper. #chappie

New<span class= #painting! Out of some old scrap paper. #chappie #graffiti #artist #acrylics #silhouette #blackandwhite #movies #film #stencil #ooak" /> #chappie #graffiti #artist #acrylics #silhouette #blackandwhite #movies #film #stencil #ooak

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#Brainstorming new #movies for #puppydragonfilmco tonight.  @puppydragon #indiefilm #independentfilm #Filmmaker @brandonaweaver

#Brainstorming new<span class= #movies for #puppydragonfilmco tonight. @puppydragon #indiefilm #independentfilm #Filmmaker @brandonaweaver" />

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@brandonaweaver working hard.

Finished our 3rd feature film tonight er  Morning! Follow @puppydragon for more info and pix.  #indiefilm #editing #boysareGross #featurefilm #filmmaking #Hollywood #directorlife #killingit #Sundance #keepgoing #gottastartsomewhere #nevergiveup #trytilyoudie

@brandonaweaver working hard.  Finished our 3rd feature film tonight er  Morning! Follow @puppydragon for more info and pix.  #indiefilm<span class= #editing #boysareGross #featurefilm #filmmaking #Hollywood #directorlife #killingit #Sundance #keepgoing #gottastartsomewhere #nevergiveup #trytilyoudie" />

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Today @brandonaweaver, @therainbowpuncher , @mudget18 , Patrick, Michelle and I shot the funniest thing we’ve ever made.

Brandon and I’s faces were in so much pain from laughing so hard after watching all the footage. Today was amazing and thank you all so much for being a part of it. Can’t wait to get it edited.  #zombiecop #indiefilm #independentfilm #castandcrew #actorlife #livingthedream #filmmaking #losangeles #Hollywood #film #chasingdreams #thehustle #killingit

Today @brandonaweaver, @therainbowpuncher , @mudget18 , Patrick, Michelle and I shot the funniest thing we've ever made. Brandon and I's faces were in so much pain from laughing so hard after watching all the footage. Today was amazing and thank you all so much for being a part of it. Can't wait to get it edited.<span class= #zombiecop #indiefilm #independentfilm #castandcrew #actorlife #livingthedream #filmmaking #losangeles #Hollywood #film #chasingdreams #thehustle #killingit" />

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Today I knocked off something major on my bucket list, submitting a #featurefilm to #Sundance.

So many people submit and the odds are probably not in our favor,  but It was a mayor thing for me and @brandonaweaver.  No matter what,  I know we are trying to make our #dreams come true and most people don’t have the #courage enough to do that. #thejourney #hope #fingerscrossed #wishmeluck #filmmaking #filmfestivals #indiefilm #independentfilm #director #takingrisks

Today I knocked off something major on my bucket list, submitting a<span class= #featurefilm to #Sundance. So many people submit and the odds are probably not in our favor, but It was a mayor thing for me and @brandonaweaver. No matter what, I know we are trying to make our #dreams come true and most people don't have the #courage enough to do that. #thejourney #hope #fingerscrossed #wishmeluck #filmmaking #filmfestivals #indiefilm #independentfilm #director #takingrisks" />

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This is the best read for those struggling in Hollywood!

Such a great perspective and sharing from Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner!

If only he had wrote this when I was younger… dammit.  🙂


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8 Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

I feel like today so many people are just completely ignorant to all the terrible things going on around them and don’t even realize the things that they are supporting with their hard earned money.  Apparently reading is too tedious for some, but there is a much lazier and sometimes easier way to at least be informed about the world around you. Can you believe everything you see or read, of course not, but you shouldn’t ignore EVERYTHING. You should at least be willing to open up your eyes.

Each of the following documentaries have in some way changed my very life and for the better. The things are crappy and I can’t always support every single cause I would like to, but at the very least I’m aware and more open to knowing what is going on around me and how to live a much happier, healthier, more meaningful life. I hope you can too.

In no particular order:

1.  Blackfish

I can’t help but feel sad every time I see a Sea World commercial nowadays, especially when there is a performance killer whale with a bent fin. This will make you cry if you love animals. This will make you care if you understand being caged in and ever felt helpless, especially for another’s amusement.


2.  The Cove

Another one, especially if you love dolphins. I cried so hard at the revealing footage because I couldn’t believe how callous people could be. Brutal.


3.  Chemerical

It’s amazing how much you just trust that your very toxic cleaners are safe to use all the time. We’ve since stopped using toxic cleaners / toxic toothpastes / toxic hand soap etc and both my boyfriend and I feel much stronger. We’ve both gotten sick a lot less as well since our immune system is stronger. We found this on HULU for free, it may still be there.


4.  Toxic Hot Seat


This one is apparently harder to get and isn’t going to be released on DVD until December 1st 2014. I urge you to get it when it comes out.

Astonishing that flame retardant materials are way more toxic for you and THEY ARE IN EVERYTHING. We had to go and buy $100 organic cotton pillows just to get away from this stuff. It’s still all over my house because I just don’t have the money to change all of that yet. Slowly but surely I will and I hope others, especially ones with children do the same.


5.  Food Inc.

Monsanto, if you don’t know anything about is ruining food and farmers. You need to see why some of your “foods” are so cheap!

6.  King Corn


My diet was completely changed after this. And I lost 10lbs without anysort of exercise after removing high fructose corn syrup from my diet!


7.  Supersize Me

People claim that these results can’t be duplicated, but we’ve also seen the massive change in fast food since this came out, so you can’t really compare it now, since food chains are not do the same practices. I think what you should really be taking from it, is that you shouldn’t be eating out every day. Fast food maybe one a week, better if closer to once a month. Difficult? Yes, but worth the dietary change if you want to live longer.


 8.  Blood, Sweat and T shirts


Want to see the revealing side of sweatshops and how all your clothes are made. I couldnt even believe this, it’s so awful and yet that’s why I can go to the store and buy a t shirt for just $5. Will this make you feel guilty? It Should. Are you going to do something? If you have the money to support fair trade clothing you absolutely should.


With that the BBC always does some fantastic documentaries on things I don’t really see come out of the USA. Find a way to watch things. Change your life, Change everyone’s life. We can all be happy if we’re all honest with each other on how things are happening.

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