By far the best #SanFrancisco has to offer.

 Sorry San Fran,  my heart lies in Los Angeles.  #selfie #bridges #goldengatebridgeBy far the best<span class= #SanFrancisco has to offer. Sorry San Fran, my heart lies in Los Angeles. #selfie #bridges #goldengatebridge" />

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Headed to San Francisco today! #frequentflyer

#travel #adventure #airport #southwest

Headed to San Francisco today!  #frequentflyer<span class= #travel #adventure #airport #southwest" />

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#Miamivice #Portland #voodoodoughnuts #donuts #selfie #thecolorsduke

#Miamivice<span class= #Portland #voodoodoughnuts #donuts #selfie #thecolorsduke" />

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Getting some tea. Over 100 options… Been here a while deciding. Ha ha #tea

Getting some tea. Over 100 options... Been here a while deciding.  Ha ha<span class= #tea" />

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Sums up #Portland pretty well. @brandonaweaver

Sums up<span class= #Portland pretty well. @brandonaweaver" />

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A Week In Tokyo Japan

Here is some of the other videos from our trip to Japan! Some of the audio is poor because I forgot that the underwater housing did that. oh well! Still awesome though. This is just the parts of the video I video’d, theres another video of the over 1200 photos I shot and then another one with video from our day in Hawaii!

We had the best sushi of our lives in that little four seat (standing) sushi shop in Tsukiji. So amazing.

The manga cafe we stayed in a few nights was called MANBOO. They’re all over the place in Japan and totally worth it if you are on a budget. We spent like $30 a night staying there and then had unlimited drinks, access to wifi (which is a lot harder to find in Japan) and a shower and bathroom. There was also a computer but it was in Japanese. You also have access to tons of manga books you can read or dvds to watch. The place is pretty amazing. There is smoking there though, so if you don’t smoke it is harder to find non smoking places (as even some of the non smoking places are on the same floor as the smoking room.)

Let me know what you think or if you have questions about anything you’ve seen.

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How to Live With Less Stuff

We’ve been selling some things here and there to help fund our trip to Japan.

Here’s some tips to learn how to live with less and DO EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED.

1. Start small – throw away something (or donate) you know you won’t miss tomorrow. For example all those papers you have magneted to the fridge, that you don’t even look at, or even one of those too many magnets you have on the fridge. I did this just yesterday!

2. Every time you bring something new into the house, take something out, that way you’re not adding more to your pile. This way you’re already widdling down, since you’ve stopped adding. It’s like debt, you have to commit to stopping charging things in order to begin to tackle that mound. If you’re having money troubles, this tactic will help clear your head more and eventually help you to make this just a habit, rather than something you have to force yourself to do. Seems silly, but it’s actually harder to do than you think and it makes you much more aware of your surroundings, what’s in your house and what you are doing day to day.

3. Have a yard sale or a craigslist yard sale (you post a bunch of pictures of the stuff you’re selling and list names and prices below, update after each sale). Give yourself a time frame to getting rid of those things. Example, yard sale: at 4pm, anything not sold goes to friends on facebook, good will or your local charity and you can get a receipt to write off the amount on your taxes (bonus!). craigslist: list one weekend, renew during the week and by the end of the 2nd weekend anything not sold gets the boot like before.

4. If you have more than 1 of something, get rid of the duplicate. For example – 2 laptops, one you use, the other needs something, but you “could still get money out of it”. Either sell it for parts on an ebay auction – They let you do 100 free auctions a month nowadays, so take advantage, list it for 99 cents plus the actual cost for shipping and if it’s really worth something it’ll sell for way more, if it’s not it may not sell at all. Have some old broken phones – there are people on craigslist that will pay you for your old phones – look in the “wanted” section of for sale or just do a search in the for sale, they usually pop up. Or again list it on ebay for free and take the gamble. Everyone love vegas right?! Now you can play in your own home and actually have a real shot at some cash.

5. Go through your wardrobe and toss (or donate or give to friends, come one people need I say it every time?!) anything you haven’t worn in the last year. Why? because you’re not going to wear it, you’ve forgotten you have it and you don’t feel comfortable in it. There will never be a right time for you and that too tight t shirt that you weren’t even sure about when you bought it, but it was oh such a good price. Every time you toss something you never wear, you open up your closet to the possibilities of finding something new that you would never have otherwise stumbled across. Why? Because the universe rewards those who are brave, can detach from inanimate objects and who can let go. Trust me.

6. Think about what you are missing in your life, not stuff, experiences, things you wanted to do as a kid and still haven’t done. Make a list. This should fuel your fire and go back to the top and repeat. If you can start getting rid 1 thing every day you’ll be amazed at how good you feel by the end of the month. And you may even have some extra cash to take yourself to that fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to try but never thought you could afford. Or take your loved one(s) out on a day trip and use the cash for snacks and goodies to fuel the adventure. My advice is to splurge more on experiences and stop spending money on things that will keep you a prisoner in your own home. As you open yourself up, it will be so hard at first, but each time it will get easier and you don’t even know the possibilities of what you’re opening yourself up to. You may find new friends, maybe you’ll find the love of your life that you just wouldn’t have been open to receiving before. Life is full of balance, and if you give you shall receive.

7. Watch an episode of Hoarders and see your future if you don’t start letting go! (suggested by Alejandrina)

8. Comment with your tips on letting go!

As you go on in life, all your stuff quite literally becomes your baggage on your journey, if you’ve got less in your “life backpack” you can go farther. –Jera Sky

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