This is only a small part of the animals, we, YES, WE, (because if you’re not doing something to stop it, not doing anything is the same as supporting it), are torturing every single day. How is everyone okay just turning away? How are you just cool that we beat the shit out of animals, treat them in no way we would want to be treated and then buy them up to serve to your kids or yourself for dinner or as a toy? What the fuck is wrong with humans? Why can’t we care more? Why are we so fucking selfish? Why do I get so much hate for being vegan? Why the fuck aren’t more people willing to change? Why won’t you change? Why don’t you care? Why don’t you love yourself enough to? Why is change a bad thing to you? Why do you hate animals so much? Why are you participating in being so cruel to other beings? Why am I the extreme one because I say I don’t want to partake in that any more? Why am I the militant one, when I’m just like let’s love and care about more things and eat fucking plants? Why? Why? Why? Why?

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$4 Vegan Lunch for 2! || Frugal Option for New Vegans!

Watermelon Lunch Vlog 4.18.2016

Total cost for the watermelon was only $3.70 (weighed 14lbs and was on sale!!) Filled up all 3 of our bellies and was such a frugal vegan lunch! We were out of the house walking Freckles around for quite a bit in the hot sun today and stopped for some lunch at the grocery store. We shared a whole watermelon! Took us like 45 minutes to eat it all! Man was it refreshing though I hear people bitch all the time that they can’t feel full on fruits or veggies. Well you guys aren’t eating enough! I couldn’t even finish scraping the sides of my half I was so stuffed! Don’t forget to like comment or SUBSCRIBE!! follow me on instagram and twitter! @jerasky

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Vegan Celebs

They’re rich and they have all the money in the world and they still choose to eat plants… Come on being vegan is living the life!


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Fuck the Vegan Haters

I posted that video about how if you eat meat you’re an asshole. In it I also explained how I used to eat meat so I used to be an asshole but am not anymore. Well I had one of my “friends” on facebook post a vegetarian quote about staying quiet to be compassionate and I had to explain how I couldn’t after all that I seen because that would be cruel to my fellow beings.

Here’s my response to him, I’m quite proud of it so I thought I would share:

First off I’m not a vegetarian, I’m a a VEGAN. Vegetarianism is still quite cruel as using milk and eggs are extremely torturous to animals. I can give you plenty of videos to watch if you don’t believe me. In fact I don’t feel like you even watched my video because in it I call myself an asshole. I’ve also posted a dozen videos about animal rights videos the past weeks and you haven’t commented on a single one except this one. I would argue that you’re trying to shame me into shutting up because I’m supposed to be compassionate and not try to upset people who enjoy eating meat. I ate meat for 30 fucking years because I didn’t realize how AWFUL it really was. I’m angry that I was lied to and tricked by advertising and the meat industry controlling everything for a profit. I saw things I cannot unsee now and I feel like if everyone who ate meat saw the movies and videos I’ve seen they wouldn’t be eating meat or dairy. It’s impossible to break through all the nonsense on facebook and the internet so this is how I have chosen to do so and guess what it’s working and when people come to me interested I talk to them kindly and explain how it will change your life. The extreme tactics are just to get through so people will start talking, they’ll start paying attention, they’ll start questioning. Why is Jera so geared up on this if she did eat meat for 30 years, maybe there is something more here. Then they can do their own research and find things or I can offer resources. If you can sit through the entirety of Earthlings, Cowspiracy, Racing Extinction, Food Inc, The Cove, Blackfish, any of Gary Yourefsky’s videos, the Vegan film on youtube plus all the videos I’m going to post below and still want to tell me I should be shutting my mouth, I dare you to do it. I bet you won’t want to nor would you want to do that kind of work. I’ve watched everything I’ve linked you to.

I don’t think you understand the actual suffering that is going on to animals and Humans from the meat and dairy industry, if you did, you probably would have shared my video. My video adds zero suffering to this planet, it adds awareness, but then again you’d have to watch it to know or you would have to actually truly care about other beings on this planet.

And here’s a quote for you from James Aspey who was silent for a year to raise awareness for animal rights and most people never heard of because silence doesn’t win. Its a beautiful quote. “We all say we love animals, and we all are against animal cruelty, but we pay people to mutilate, torture and slaughter animals…It’s not because we need to for our health. It’s just because we like the way they taste.”


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They have #veganmeatballs at #ikea!

#holyshit #vegan #veganlifestyle #veganismThey have<span class= #veganmeatballs at #ikea! #holyshit #vegan #veganlifestyle #veganism" />

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Chocolate, Cheese, Meat and Sugar are Physically Addictive

You should watch this or at least listen to the whole thing..

This has some of the most mind blowing info in it and I’ve seen quite a few docs and life changing things the past few years. I’m still shocked by the fact that animal fat is linked to breast cancer… I’ve already been a vegan for a month but the more and more I learn I cannot believe I ate meat as long as I did.

Chocolate, Cheese, Meat and Sugar are Physically Addictive by Neal Barnard MD

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Yum! Stir fried some fresh #garlic, #broccoli, #cherrytomatos,

Yum! Stir fried some fresh<span class= #garlic, #broccoli, #cherrytomatos, #wildrice and #beansprouts with some #braggsaminos and rice vinegar. Then crisped up some #beyondmeatchicken. Lemon water with frozen #strawberries as ice cubes. #vegan #whatveganseat #healthyliving #veganism #changeyourlife" /> #wildrice and #beansprouts with some #braggsaminos and rice vinegar. Then crisped up some #beyondmeatchicken. Lemon water with frozen #strawberries as ice cubes.  #vegan #whatveganseat #healthyliving #veganism #changeyourlife

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Midnight Meal of champions.

Lemon water,  japanese green tea, orange, banana, sauerkraut, homemade #springrolls, garlic kale/beansprouts/cucumber. #antiinflammatorydiet #vegan #vegetarian #cleaneating #veghead #allergiescure #alkalize #healthyfood

Midnight Meal of champions.  Lemon water,  japanese green tea, orange, banana, sauerkraut, homemade<span class= #springrolls, garlic kale/beansprouts/cucumber. #antiinflammatorydiet #vegan #vegetarian #cleaneating #veghead #allergiescure #alkalize #healthyfood" />

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Made #homemade #oatmilk for the first time today.

Not bad,  but Definitely need to buy some cheesecloth! #diy #notyourmomnotyourmilk #milk #healthyliving #dairyfree

Made<span class= #homemade #oatmilk for the first time today. Not bad, but Definitely need to buy some cheesecloth! #diy #notyourmomnotyourmilk #milk #healthyliving #dairyfree" />

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Made a dope salad with goodies from the #farmersmarket today for a neighbor get together!

#killingit #vegetables #salad #foodie #nofilter #yum #goodeats

Made a dope salad with goodies from the<span class= #farmersmarket today for a neighbor get together! #killingit #vegetables #salad #foodie #nofilter #yum #goodeats" />

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