Water Fast

This is the journal from my 7 day water fast experience. There are typos and everything as it’s raw and unedited. I also shot a vlog to go along with this that you can also watch below.

This is a document of my experience and in no way medical advice so try at your own risk, I highly urge a great amount of research and seeing a nature-path before doing anything this extreme.

I have been dealing with allergies and increased food sensitivities the past 4 years and after going to doctors, taking tests have had enough. My list of foods I could not eat were only growing, my multiple chemical sensitivities were out of control, and this was making me more and more sad. My body was telling me to stop eating, so I researched the benefits of water fasting. This is the reasoning behind why I did what I did. I will do a followup video with the results soon. I also will say if you’re thinking of doing a water fast to lose weight, that’s absurd, just change your diet (go vegan!), this is not the purpose of a fast and usually does not work as your appetite goes up after it.


Jera’s 7 Day Water Fast 2017

Day 1 – January 1st
I don’t want to fucking journal.

2pm Did go to Diamond Head Beach today and lay in the sun for like 30 minutes. Did have to walk quite a bit probably not the best thing to have done but I wa feeling like sunshine.

Did get quite hungry in the evening. Thought about stuffing this whole stupid thing but didn’t.
Got cravings for Wildberry poptarts so spent half an hour looking at vegan pop tarts on
instagram. Then started craving popcorn, pretzels with cheeze dip, coconut water, tacos and avocado on toast. Seeing as I am super sensitive to wheat and gluten, it sucks because even when I break the fast I won’t be able to have most any of that. Stupid. Stupid body. Stupid 20 year old me ruining my body…

Drank 1 icelandic water in total – about 50 oz

Went to bed at 10:30pm – so early for me, felt like I basically gave up and went to bed.

Had dreams about eating, cant remember specifics, but the feeling of unpleasantness remains.

Day 2 – January 2nd
Woke up at 8am – ugh. That’s how I feel Ugh.

Not really feeling hungry but I don’t feel right in my tummy area. Legs are also starting to feel
a little tight. Maybe I need to be drinking more water… probably. will do.

Burped up a little acid after drinking some water… stuffs happening on my insides….
Took a nap after I woke up til 10am.

10am craving watermelon like a mofo.

11am craving a canned tuna fish sandwich on white bread, haven’t had one of those in 7 years or so. Insane.

1:34pm Brandon mentioned nachos. Now I want taco bell. fuck.

2:25 craving chocolate.

4:30 want refried beans, with chips and guacamole. so fucking yum… and a peanut butter sandwich. this sucks. this better work. i need to be able to eat delicious vegan foods again….

Went for a little drive in the van. Just sat in the passenger seat. wiped me out.

6:45 having such a hard time. Everytime Brandon cooks, it drives me insane, i want to eat so badly. i don’t have enough energy to keep distracted but i don’t have enough will to break the fast because being so sick all these years has also been a nightmare, but just one i’ve grown
used to…. fuck.
7:46 just googled “is taco bell hot sauce vegan?” yeah…. and it is… good to know i guess.

8:01 sick of this. this is stupid. want to stop. frustrated i can’t because I won’t let myself.

8:56 craving little debbie swiss rolls and oatmeal cream pies. googled… not vegan. stupid.
taco bell has still been very prevalant in my brain…. maybe its because i know i can get it vegan. ugh.

11:15pm havent been able to fall asleep even most of the day. I’ve been laying down most of the day figuring I could sleep through a bunch of this and it’s not working. Today has been excruciating on my psyche, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about food. I’m getting worried because according to a lot of the things I’ve read other peoples’ worst days are 3 or 4. I don’t know if I can handle more than this. I am thoroughly not enjoying this. I did start craving raw vegan foods so I guess that’s a plus. I haven’t caved but I have thought about it a lot. 🙁
Also right elbow started itching. Don’t know what that’s about.

Drank about 70 oz of water in total. Maybe I’m not drinking enough water?….I’m 120lbs so half my body weight would be 60 oz… i dunno.

Day 3 – January 3rd

Woke up at 5:45 because I had to pee. Had the absolute hardest time getting up and making it to the bathroom.

Went back to sleep.

Woke up at 10am Freckles, my dog, had to go potty so I mustered up the strength to get up, put on some shorts and take him for a walk. That walk was one of the hardest things I’ve had to push through in my life. Freckles understood though, he walked a lot slower than normal for that I’m grateful but I had to cut the walk short because I felt like i was going to pass out or have to sit down since my legs felt like they didn’t want to work. I thought yesterday was excruciating but today has brought up its own new sort of hell for me. It’s hard to describe, but you know when you have the flu and there is that one day that you feel absolutely wrecked, like you are going to die, that’s going to be the end of it and all you want to do is cry. That was what that walk felt like. Only I couldn’t cry because I didn’t have enough energy in me. I barely made it back home, so glad I didn’t let him walk further or I definitely wouldnt have made it, we probably only went 1000 feet or so too, not far at all. I felt bad but he’ll get over it. Brandon was outside on a phone call somewhere or else I wouldn’t even have attempted to walk freckles.
I had no real concept of how hard today was actually going to be.

12:18pm I did some more research just to be sure because I was ready to throw in the towl a few hours ago. Apparentlyl day 3 is really hard and most people don’t make it past it. Well, I am not most people. I will continue, even if I don’t make it to day 7, I will make it past day 3. I can do this. Please oh Please I need to do this.

12:28pm I am craving coconut water. Food doesn’t seem as important, would really love to drink like 10 coconut waters. mmmmmmm.

2:18pm its only 2?! aw man it was noon earlier and i was getting stoked since time was passing, and now its slowed again. i just laid for like half an hour trying to fall asleep because i thought i was sleepy enough and just couldnt fall asleep. this sucks. i’m starting to really hate me for doing this to me. stupid.

2:24 starting to have some allergies. how the fuck! checked the pollution and its only at 7, so its super low. what is going on with my body?! ugh.

3:10pm craving refried beans again… also allergies still going. hopefully i’m healing?!

4pm allergies finally went away.

5:20pm Decided to drink some mineral water after some things I read about water fasting. Tastes good and I usually hate mineral water… interesting. Having a bit of an up right now, it’s nice. I’m almost half way there. That’s encouraging. And tomorrow we get to start eating my fat reserves! Finally I’ll get to eat! ha ha ha lmfao…. And no I have zero interest in losing any weight, could care less(I know that’s why a lot of people do this, I think that’s stupid, just change your diet), I think I’m right at where I’m supposed to be, honestly a little worried about losing some weight, but I’ll sure to pack it back on with all the awesome vegan food I’m gonna eat when I’m done. 🙂 And hopefully I can get any leftover animal hormones out of my system from when I did eat meat because that shits toxic and I want it outta me. I am not that person anymore.

Wanted to add a list of everything I am having allergic reactions to, since it keeps coming up after I share I’m doing a water fast. People are having a hard time believing I am actually sick since I look so healthy. Just goes to show looks can be quite deceiving. I’ve done lots of elimination diets and nothing has worked but I have been able to narrow things down a bit to foods that trigger me less. These are the foods that trigger me and sometimes its delayed, but that reaction is real, somedays I can’t get out of bed I’m so miserable.

Everything I’ve been having allergic reactions to / food sensitivies:
All wheat, gluten, all nuts(almonds, peanuts, pecans, cashews, macadamia nuts etc.), all seeds (flax, chia, hemp, sunflower etc), soy/tofu, all cheese, milk, dairy not that I am eating that anyway, corn, asparagus, green beans, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, papaya, pinapple, kiwi, collard greens, oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes, persimmons, zucchini, brown rice, tomatos, mushrooms, garlic, onion, chammomile, green peppers, basil, oregano, rosemary, mustard, fennel, basically any spices (chili powders, pepper, curry etc.) and i’m sure i’ve left some out or there are others I haven’t figured out. Sometimes bananas get me, but I’ve been eating a shit ton of those becuase they’re bomb. I used to hate them, now I love them, after I found out when they’re actually ripe. They need the brown spots on them then you eat them, not when they’re yellow and perfect looking, you’re just asking for trouble. Insane that it took me 30 years to know what a ripe banana actually looks like. This is the education we need in schools, how to fucking eat food when its actually ripe instead of just “looks like the pictures.” fuck. school system is also fucked. I’ve learned more from the internet than I ever did in school. Thank the universe for the internet. I like being able to inform myself on anything I want at any given time. I’m rambling. Out for now.

8:29pm Got up to go to the bathroom, had a tough time, not that I haven’t been having a tough time everytime I get up, but my calves felt kind of stiff.

10:49pm Just realized I’m not even half way through this. I have more days to go than I’ve done and I just don’t know if I can do it. I want a refried bean burrito so damn bad. And some medjool dates. And some yellow watermelon, those are so effin good… but its not watermelon season so that ain’t gonna happen.
The ups and downs are insane. One minute I’m completely fine, ten minutes later I’m absolutely miserable, uncomfortable and thinking this is the stupidest thing in the world.
I just sniffed some of my ripe bananas to try and cheer myself up. It worked for like 30 seconds…. I don’t understand why this is so hard, my body knows I’m sick, needs the rest and healing, it should be thanking me and making this pleasant for me. Ungrateful little shit.

11:01pm still think this is stupid.

11:41pm allergies started up again. don’t get it, nothing has changed, just been laying down watching tv shows.

11:49pm would really love a bowl of corn flakes.

Drank 25.3 oz of Mineral Water and 50oz of Icelandic Glacial Water today.

Day 4 – January 4th

12:53am can’t sleep. allergies still going. have a headache from sniffling so much from the allergies to who knows what… frustrated. feel exhausted but can’t fall asleep.

1:30am finally fell asleep.

Had runny and stuffy nose all throughout the night, even some sneezing.

Woke up at 5:45am for a second mainly because of my nose allergies and then fell right back asleep.

10:35am woke up. Still having some nose allergies, but it seems to have calmed a little bit. Absolutely ridiculous. Also feel like total shit.

11:51am I thought my cravings were supposed to go away today. But I want one of those Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola bars sooooooooooooooooooooo bad. I used to eat them all the time on sets when I did background, so that was aroun 2008/2009…. Maybe my body is eating my fat stores?? Also not vegan, I’m going to have to figure out how to make some when I’m done this for sure. Probably use Minimalist Bakers recipes, she’s got the best stuff.

1pm feel really sleepy, just laid without watching anything or doing anything with my eyes closed for like 30 minutes. felt nice.

2:56pm went for a little ride to whole foods with brandon. I just sat in the passenger seat with the van and waited in there with Freckles while Brandon did a little shopping. That temporarily boosts my morale, but is very shortlived.

3:26pm I can’t imagine anything harder than this… maybe childbirth. ugh not participating in that. definitely the hardest thing i’ve ever had happen to me or put myself through. almost through day 4, less days left than i’ve done. cant imagine doing this for 30 days, those people got some amazing strength.

4pm Dragged myself up and packed up a bushel of bananas that were ripe and froze them so i can eat them when i’m done all this. took every bit of strength i had to wrap up 6 bananas. why is this so difficult. laid back down and wanted to cry. couldn’t. i think that’s one of the hard parts of this. when i feel like crying i have nothing in me to do so, but if i could that would be a stress reliever. such a cruel irony. is that irony. ugh i don’t know…

4:15-5:35 had a nice nap. finally able to nap for a while.

7:11pm feeling awful. tired, worn out. i don’t know how i’m going to put myself through 3 more days of this bullshit.
8:53pm I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, the only thing that’s keeping me going is that if I make it through the 7 days I should heal up a lot of my leaky gut issues and food intolerances/allergies. If i don’t make it, I’ll have to start all over and that just is not an option, I can’t do it again. The most I could do is 1 maybe 3 days, but that’s it, this is way too hard. That or juice fast or coconut water fast, putting some sort of calories in is far more manageable than absolutely nothing. I feel so devastated, please please let me be strong enough to make it through day 7. please.
Also my top left crown is hurting… read some people experience this sort of thing.

11:45pm 15 minutes to go until I’m in day 5, so stoked. I just hope I feel better tomorrow than i did today. zero percent tired right now, probably because of that nap. Today has been harder than yesterday for sure, I felt like the walking dead, getting up to go to the bathroom has now become something I dread because it takes so much out of me. Have had a very minor headache for the past couple hours. I’ve definitely experienced worse by drinking too much caffeine, so I don’t think it’s something to worry about, but I am going to monitor it. I am also really craving shrimp.

Drank 25.3oz of mineral water today and about 50 oz of Icelandic glacial water.

Day 5 – January 5th

12:06am Just got up to go to the bathroom and it’s the first time in the past days I’ve been able to get up in one fell swoop and not feel dizzy or like I’m going to fall over, let alone it didn’t take me like 3 minutes to work up the energy to get up in stages. I want to cry, but this time tears of happiness not sadness for once, but I still can’t.
Also my right elbow is itching again… not sure what that’s about.

3:19am still awake. had a few sneezes happen just now, but doesn’t seem to developing into too much so that seems like a good sign. also crazy tired, but can’t seem to fall asleep.

4:18am somewhere around this time I feel asleep finally.

11:38am woke up. thankful that i slep longer since i had so much trouble getting to sleep. i’m happy to report those 4 sneezes i had last night did NOT turn into any sort of allergy attack so that’s absolutely wonderful, because usually when i start sneezing it turns into an awful mess.
I’d also love to note, I am finally feeling a bit better. Day 4 seems to be the worst of it. I am able to get up and go to the bathroom without struggling to get up or wanting to give up the whole thing. major plus. That like flu-like whole body ache I’ve had the past few days has finally gone away. I’m still having some aching especially behind my knees and my lower back but they’re tolerable in comparison. I am actually finally feeling like I will make it the full 7 days and that is splendid. 🙂

1:51pm oh no, sneezed and then my nose started to run, hopefully it chills right out.

2:04pm seems to have stopped. i did smell someone burning something outside, that must have been what set it off there. glad it stopped fast, that’s new. 🙂

5:52pm People who said the food cravings would go away are full of it. Craving biscuits with jelly and butter. Haven’t had those since my mom made them for me when I was like a teenager. not vegan… but i could make a vegan version of them… WEIRD.

6:00pm 54 hours to go. can’t come soon enough.

9:11pm a bit ago i tried to sleep, i felt so tired and thought i could. laid for about half an hour and just couldnt make it happen. i had been hoping i would just sleep through the night, but sadly that wasn’t the case at all. Really want to have some vegan ramen broth or vegan pho when i’m done all this. must be missing salt. i am feeling a little frustrated again and wanting to call it quits, i’m not even having that hard of a time, i’m just sick of doing this to myself, but i won’t, i set a goal, i am going to stick to it. 51 hours to go…

My left eye was a bit itchy today…??

Drank about 38 oz of mineral water today and about 15 oz of Icelandic glacial water. A bit less than the previous days… weird.

Day 6 – January 6th

12:01am i made it to day 6 its amazing. 48 hours to go. omg.

1:07am dealing with the whole being so ready to sleep but not being able to thing again. I think I just felt my stomach eating me…

3:48am I finally felt like I could sleep and went to bed around here. I did start having a sneezing attack but it only lasted about 10 minutes. very bizarre.

11:00am the damn mailman kept banging at our door because brandon’s yoga mat was delivered, but it didn’t need signing for so I don’t know why he kept banging. was really upset he interrupted my sleep, because I’m trying to sleep as many as away as i can right now. i did lay back down immediately after answering the door.

11:48am laid half asleep for as long as i could and then got up because i had to pee so bad. i am still having some minor lower back pain. gettng so close. nearly 36 hours to go! woofuckinghoo!!

12:46pm right elbow started itching a bit again.

2-3:12pm passed out and had an awesome nap. felt like longer than it was. the weirdest thing happened during the very end of it. All the sudden my brain just started shuffling through like really vibrant nice cool unique like instagram shots of all sorts of things, but it was going so fast i can’t remember like any of them except for 2 and it went through like a hundred just like miliseconds worth at a time. One was a white wolf which I’m guessing maybe represents my dog freckles and the other was this amazing cool shot of this thick industrial dark red piping. that
one i have absolutely no clue about. I’ve never experienced anything like that before it was so
cool. My back is hurting a bit less, i was massaging it some before I passed out, suppose it helped. My nose just started to drip a little bit. Elbow still itchy.

5pm I just spent the past hour looking at and reading through tons of vegan recipes from the peta website. There is absolutely nothing that can’t be made vegan, it’s incredible. I even just found out there are vegan scallops you can buy. VEGAN SCALLOPS that’s crazy! Pretty excited to make myself some vegan chili con queso one of these days. 31 hours to go. Can’t wait!! I am super sleepy time today. 😉

9:01pm just woke up from a long nap. think it was at least an hour. 27 hours to go. i can’t believe it!

10:36pm had a little bit of sneezes and then runny nose for about 5 minutes. also craving oreos and flaming hot cheetos. this time of night every night seems to be really demanding on my mentally. i’m just worn out and want it to be over. a little over 25 hours to go!

11:46pm omg omg omg so close to the very last day of self inflicted torture. i cannot believe it. this has been so incredibly challenging in so many more ways than i was anticipating.

Drank about 35 oz of mineral water today and about 20 oz of Icelandic glacial water. Still a little low, may be why i am more tired today. oh well, i’m drinking as much as i can.

Day 7 – January 7th

4:47am finally passing out and going to bed. Had a bit of allergies for like a good hour or so tonight. wasn’t fun.

11:08amFuck yeah I made it to day 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had been able to sleep longer but I slept funny on my pillow and now having some neck pain, definitely not the water fast, this happens every once in a while. I was probably too exhausted to adjust and that’s why I stayed in that position though. I don’t feel like I slept all that well. I’m still very tired. Also had some pretty stressful dreams about like thinking zombies, hard to explain, a couple ran into this gas station and lit themselves on fire to blow up the place. intense.

11:32am Having some sneezing and allergies, i think its from freckles sleeping on my pillow yesterday, he put a whole bunch of stuff all over it from outside. He probably needs a bath so that didn’t help. I really want this to be over. I’m sick of this. This has been one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. I haven’t gone outside in 2 days. I’ve just been laying down and watching shows on netflix which is okay part of the time but miserable others. I’m so close but it still feels so far away.

11:51am I just went to the bathroom and guess what I got my period 5 days early! That never happens, maybe a day or two sometimes, but 5! Absolutely devastating. Yesterday I had been thinking the last 12 hours would be like a celebration, countdown, positive, but now dealing with that blow I am just so incredibly upset. Brandon keeps telling me I don’t have to go to midnight because I “already made it to 7 days” which is just pissing me the fuck off. I made it this far I’m not just gonna throw in the towel so later I can be like why didn’t I just do that last 12 hours? This explains why I am having more allergies all the sudden, I’m probably deficient in nutrients since my body decided to be impatient. I just want to cry and I still can’t which is the worst.

1:01pm Did some googling. Apparently I may be having some allergy issues because I may in fact be allergic to my own hormones and have a hormone imbalance. New info… good to ask when I get all my testing done.

2:30pm Decided to a quick clean up shower since i haven’t had one since before I started this thing. My allergies were also going insane still and sucking any life out of me, so I figured sometimes a shower helps, so i’d risk it. Good news, I made it through the shower. Bad news it was the hardest shower i’ve ever taken in my life and it wasn’t but 4 or 5 minutes long, almost passed out when I was trying to dry myself off and then just sat on the toilet naked to recover for another 5. This week has been nothing but “hardest things of my life” so that means everthing for a bit at least from this point on should be a piece of cake right? fingers crossed.

5:47pm woke up from a long nap, no idea when i passed out, but it was at least an hour, maybe more. i had that weird flash of images thing happen again today during my nap instead today it was like 2 second video stills of amazingly shot things and like all in pastels. i can’t for the life of me remember anything today. what is my brain doing up there? craziness. i’m so glad theres only 6 more hours of this, i can feel the starvation in my belly and i seem to have lost quite a bit of my stored fat, i don’t even think i could physically do this much longer as i didn’t have much fat on me to begin with. this is definitely the skinniest ive ever been in my adult life. really craving watermelon right now, brandon did manage to get me some watermelon juice from whole foods so i will get some of it later tonight! I wouldn’t wish this process on anyone, it is so intense, demanding, devastating and self torture. for me at least.

9:13pm These last few hours are so hard. I’m so beat.

I have no idea how much water I drank today, completely lost track, was in too much pain and too tired to be bothered. I did still drink both mineral water and the Icelandic glacial water though
Day 8 – January 8th BREAKING THE FAST

Went to be at 2am last night and woke up today at 10:07am so I finally slept a full 8 hours. I had a watermelon juice and it was oh so delicious. I actually should have broken my fast with that.

What I broke my fast with, my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach:
16oz of Organic Coconut water
1 medjool date
half a pint of blueberries and
about 1/4 cup of cooked white rice with some sale on it because the rest didn’t feel substantial enough for me at the time. I spread it all out of course, I know it’s not exactly how you’re supposed to break your fast, but that is what my body was telling me to do so I listened. Also after having done so, I should have just stuck to liquids first and then gradually worked up to rice.

It took about 6 days before I felt like my digestion was finally working on its own, up until then I was having some pretty bad constipation, the first few days were really hard and almost felt like I had rocks banging against my insides. Awful.

This is definitely not advice, if anything its all a bit more of a warning and what I spent a week of my life doing. I’m still not sure what the positive reprocussions will be, but I will update this as I do notice.

May you be smarter than me and skip all this water fasting torture. 😉


WATER FAST RESULTS (3 weeks later)

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